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  • I am just starting my trucking business; what coverages do I need?

    The following coverages are the most common for trucking:

    • Commercial Auto Liability $1,000,000
    • Physical Damage Coverage $1000 deductible
    • Motor Truck Cargo $100,000 Limit
    • Non-Owned Trailer $1000 deductible
  • What is the difference between auto and general liability?

    Auto liability covers potential damage for the movement of your truck and trailer. Transportation general liability covers your business operations that are related to your trucking operation but do not involve the movement of the truck.

  • What is the difference between a certificate holder and additional insured?

    A certificate is simply proof of insurance whereas an additional insured name the broker/entity on the policy and provides additional protection for that entity in the event of a claim. It also ensures that should the policy cancel for any reason the broker/entity is notified ahead of the cancel date.

  • Do I need Occupational Accident insurance?

    Occupational accident truck insurance can be truly beneficial if you have a work-related accident or illness, especially if you do not have health care coverage.

  • Do I have to list all drivers on my policy?

    All drivers must be listed on the policy BEFORE they can drive your equipment. Claims reported with unlisted drivers can be subject to declination, large surcharges, or cancellation.

  • Do I have to list trucks AND trailers that I own on my policy?

    For coverage to apply all units must be listed on the policy.

  • What are the requirements to be able to remove a truck from my policy?

    If you have insurance filings, you must sell or transfer that vehicle out of your company name.

  • If the circumstances arise that I will be traveling outside of my normal operating radius, what should I do?

    Please give NASTC Insurance a call once you know the destination and how long you will be out of your normal radius and an exception can usually be granted.

  • If I were to relocate to another state, would I have to cancel and rewrite?

    That will depend upon which insurance company you are insured through. Some policies can be transferred. Please notify us as soon as you can.

  • Does NASTC Insurance charge a fee for any changes or certificates?

    NASTC Insurance does not charge for the processing of any policy changes or certificates nor do we believe ANY other agent should charge for that service.

  • I still have questions, can you help?

    Yes, please contact NASTC Insurance and we will do our best to help.

  • Billing and payment inquiries:

    Payments may be set up automatically, called in, or sent by mail.

    • We accept both check and credit cards: Visa/Mastercard and Discover (4% processing fee included).
    • Payments by phone are processed same day.
  • How to sign up for recurring payment:

    Complete the Bank ACH AutoPay Debit Authorization form located under the Client Services/Forms tab.

    • Payments can be set up for either the 1st or the 15th each month.