Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation (or Worker’s Comp) is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. In exchange the employee relinquishes their right to sue his or her employer for any damages and negligence. This solves the problem of employers becoming insolvent as a result of high damage awards due to lawsuits. This ultimately secures the compensation to the workers while creating a system of collective liability to protect the company.

In short, Worker’s compensation results in few high out-of-pocket business expenses, protects a company from employee lawsuits and keeps companies in compliance with state laws.

Worker’s Comp rates depend upon the number of employees/drivers you have and their pay. These rates can vary due to the following reasons:

– Loading and unloading vs no touch freight

– Hauling of hazardous materials

– Operation class code

– Prior claims

– Radius of operation (Local routes vs Longhaul routes)

– New Start-up or Years in business

Worker’s Comp is a vital package to your insurance portfolio if your company has employees and/or drivers. At NASTC Insurance, our plans can give you the protection you need moving forward.